So I meet a lot of people in the design community, many of which are just starting out in their work. I'm always interested to see other designer's work, so I always ask them where I can check their stuff out online.

You'd be surprised how many designers don't have an online portfolio - at least I always am.

I realize that especially for graphic designer who aren't headed into the world of web (haha, yeah right - we all are...) it may not seem like a huge priority. Or for those just getting out of art school, you maybe just haven't had a chance to put your work on the web yet.

But most often I think the biggest barrier is not knowing how to get your work online.

You don't have to have your own website

(I'm speaking primarily to graphic designers here...) While it's great to have your own website, it's not necessarily required for everyone In fact, the way more important thing than having your own site is just having your work on the web!

So how do you get your work on the web without a website? I'm glad you asked...

Three great sites for posting your work online (and even for free)

The truth is, these days if you aren't interested in web design or web development, there isn't necessarily any good reason to build your own site from scratch. With services like Cargo Collective and Carbonmade, even if you really want your own URL you can use their service and pay for the premium options - both of which include the custom domain option.

Save yourself the hassle, and more importantly - stop using lack of HTML and CSS knowledge as an excuse to get your work on the wonderful interwebz.

So what are you waiting for? C'mahn! Do it now! </arnold voice>

So there you have it. No more excuses. Get your work online now. Because next time you are pitching a potential client on a project, or submitting a resume for an entry level position or internship, there is no way in H-E-double-hockeysticks you're going to get hired without showing off your work.