Have an iPhone 4, or 3G, or ANY iPhone with an unresponsive home button? I do. Lately I've been frustrated that when I hit the "home" button on my iPhone, it would take 4 or 5 tries until it actually responded. SO annoying.

So I did a quick Google search and found out, much to my surprise, that most of the time it IS NOT a hardware problem, it is a software problem that is easily resolved by "recalibrating" your home button.

Sounds like a joke, right? Nope, this really worked for me, and apparently tons more people. Here's all you've got to do:

  1. Open an Apple iOS system app, like Clock, or Calendar, etc.
  2. Hold down your phone's power button (on the top edge) until the "Power Off" slider appears.
  3. Hold down the Home Button for 6 or 7 seconds until the "Power Off" slider disappears and the app force closes, returning you to the home screen.

That's it! Now you should notice your Home Button being much more responsive, just like when it was new. If not, you may have a hardware issue and need to take it to an Apple store for repair, or use this workaround to not have to use your home button at all.