I just got my first iPhone a few months ago: a shiny new iPhone 4. I love it (about as much as you can love a device).

But before that, I had an iPod touch. I was also pretty fond of it. :-)

Fortunately, the lovely people over at Apple made it really easy to transfer all your settings from an old iOS device when you get a new one. And that’s exactly what I did through iTunes when I got my new iPhone.

One thing I did not realize, however, was that my new iOS would even inherit it’s name from my old one. That left me seeing “JAG iPod Touch” in iTunes every time I plugged in the phone. That was a little annoying.

I tried to change it for the longest time by hunting through the iTunes interface and options. But it wasn’t until I finally decided to stop at the gas station and ask for directions (and by that of course I mean “Google it”) that I found the answer.

All you have to do to rename an iOS device through iTunes is double click it’s name in the left hand sidebar.

Now wasn’t that easy?